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I'm not in the business of instigating change.



I am in the delicate and complex work of



allowing and enabling it.



Because I feel that ultimately,



you have the wisdom,



the power and the strength



to bring about the changes you need;



Because change is your work



and your choice,









my role is to set the stage,



in some instances empty it,



explore what stands in the way,



 discover with you



all the options and possibilities for change.



Ultimately,  you decide.



The fact that you are here



already ensures it.



My job is to notice it,



observe it,reflect it,



and honor it.



In this space,



I have seen amazing change happen.



- Tania C

When unresolved issues are writing our life story, we are not our own autobiographers; we are merely recorders of how the past continues often without our awareness, to intrude upon our present experience and shape our future directions.Daniel Siegal, MD

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