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What is therapy ?
Therapy is a process in which one explores the feelings, responses, thoughts and experiences of life in a supportive and non-judgmental way. My role as your therapist is to illuminate, reflect, clarify, validate and support you in your journey of healing, choice and change.
Whether you are in a place of crisis, transition or trauma, the purpose of our work together is to help you arrive at a place of clarity and resolution. One of the gifts of this place is a sense of greater self awareness: where you are choosing and owning your values, goals and responses instead of them choosing or controlling you.

What is your counseling philosophy ?

It is my belief that individuals can and will find the resources to heal, change and make choices when given the support and safety to explore their values and desires. In our sessions, we will work both





experientially and cognitively.  My counseling philosophy involves focusing on the processes that you bring into the room, trusting that the present will bring with it all the relevant information of the past. Many times I will invite you to be present and to attend to the emotions in the room and your body.  Trust that we are doing important work even in spaces of resistance, ambiguity and discomfort.

What can I expect from this process ?
While this journey may produce insight, resolution and relief, oftentimes it may also evoke intense feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt, frustration and anger. Your relationships with your loved ones and at work may shift and strain.
It is my hope that a continuing dialog between us will be one of the sources of support that will sustain the work during these times.
I invite you to weigh the risks of therapy with your goals for insight, growth and change. Know that at any point of the work, you have the right to inquire, question, revisit  or terminate our work together. All processes, including termination is a valuable one and part of our ongoing dialog is to ensure that they are done with resolution and awareness.

What is the role of my therapist and I ?
I believe that therapy is a collaborative process that is involves both our contribution.  No sustaining work can occur without both our ownership, engagement and energy. My part is to provide a safe, and trusted space as you clarify your values, experiences and move towards your goals. While it is my work to bring them to your awareness, what we choose to do with them is yours.

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